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Letter From The Founders

We, humans, are driven by adrenaline.
We fasten our seatbelts upon entering our vehicles, yet we willingly engage in adrenaline rushing activities like skydiving and rally driving. We wear life jackets before taking a swim and no matter the irony, we voluntarily swim with great white sharks and kayak over waterfalls. In conjunction with laboring to earn and save money as well as being cost efficient and wary, we still fall down addictive spirals of unfair gambling.
The concept of pay to play dates back to the prehistoric era and has found its way amongst numerous societies on earth. Nowadays and as of our current living standards, the gamefi industry is worth tens of billions of dollars, so much so that the United States alone annually contributes to $40 billion of the industry’s worth.
Since we, the future-impacting and influencing generation of the world, hold more knowledge and information than our forebears, it is our duty to point out and acknowledge the unappealing, monotonous and borderline fraudulent nature of traditional pay to play games. In retrospect, such games may have been appealing to older generations, however surely not to young adults, who are chiefly drawn to engaging, empowering and fair games.
At Reels of Change, we aim to offer a product that fills that exact void. Our mission is to change the fraudulent constant itself. In fact, we are to bend and direct our community to play with improved outcomes all whilst captivating the fun and fairness and surely receiving the essence of adrenaline. After-all, it is what makes us feel alive.
That being said, allow us to elaborate and introduce to you what Reels of Change is all about.
Your RoC Team.